No software program can be improved without feedback from its users. Only global support from users and the variety of opinions make it possible for the developer to clear up urgent tasks, find and fix bugs, search for and realize new ideas and solutions in their digital implementation!

Help Us Make ChronoControl Better!

The development of ChronoControl is a permanent process. We are constantly working on its improvement, but the more it gets improved the more new opportunities and promising ways for its further development get revealed. Unfortunately, sometimes we get really short on time and it becomes nearly impossible to pay attention to all interesting and important issues. That is why your opinion – the opinion of those who actually use ChronoControl – is really important to me. It will help me concentrate my efforts on the most important and significant areas concerning the work on the program!

I would really appreciate if you could find not more than 2 or 3 minutes and answer some questions that really matter concerning the further development of ChronoControl:

Your name
Your e-mail
What version of ChronoControl do you use?
How long have you been using ChronoControl?

How well does ChronoControl meet your expectations and needs?

Your comment:

What features do you think the program lacks?
What features do you think are redundant and unnecessary?
In your opinion, what should be paid attention to in the first place while developing the next version?

  - better design (buttons, checkboxes, etc.)
- animated clocks in the system tray


- options to set up "work schedule" modes.
- options for notification window customization.
- options for text display customization in message, break and wait windows.


- The mode when it is possible to unlock the computer after a break only with a password
- Work statistics (with diagrams)

  It's a protection against wannabe hackers and not only against them :)

Your comment:

In this windows you are welcome to write everything that you feel necessary for me to know

Thank you! I'm sincerely grateful to you for finding time to answer the questions that are really important to me!

Respectfully, Vladimir Kim

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